Due to market demands, 3M will take any order amount, however, may break it up into subsequent orders. 

Example:  If you order 20 million masks, 3M may split order into two 10 million mask orders.

Due to high market demands, prices will be provided to clients upon acceptance of the purchase order.  However, be assured that 3M is sticking to their pricing model for volume orders.  We have not seen a mask sold for more than $3.50/mask, and that is on the high side.

Upon acceptance of your Purchase Order, 3M will make every best effort to ship to a warehouse near you. 

Upon acceptance of your Purchase Order, will include shipping cost in order.

Your organization will provide proof of funds letter.  We will require 25-50% of purchase amount to be placed with our escrow agent which will be provided to you upon execution of contract.

Yes, we will help you procure non-3M products via our database of providers that have a proven track record.  Please speak with one of our procurement specialists to learn more.

R-Negotitations, LLC, has committed to searching and hunting for any and all products needed by your organization.  Please contact one of our procurement specialists for more details.

We welcome brokers and sales agents to join our team.  Please review our NDA/Commission agreement located here.  Then complete out contact us form and our team will be in touch with you.

Max Medical Supplies (R-Negotiations, LLC) provides no express written warranties.  Any warranties that may be available are through the product manufacturer. 

All credit card payments are subject to a 3% non-refundable charge which will be added to the order total.
Funds charged to credit card will be transferred into the escrow account of:
Greg Kuczinski tel. 914-245-7200
Address: 301 Old Tarrytown Rd
White Plains NY 10603